Bait and Tackle Hire

                                                                                                                                                   Here at Lac de lion we offer a selection of baits for you to purchase.


We only allow use of our pellets as they are specifically produced to be fed to carp and contain the correct levels of oils, minerals vitamins to promote healthy growth. Our boilies are produced locally and we have chosen to go with a 16mm fishmeal based boilie. Awaiting flavours and prices at this time.    

We can supply a particle mix made up of maize, hemp seed and a variety of mixed seeds.
10kg bucket 35 euros


We can also supply pellets


Carp 9mm fish meal pellets 75 euros for a 25kg sack

or 4.00 euros per kilo

Vegetable pellets 50 euros per 25kg sack or 2.50 per kilo                              







We can provide for a small hire charge per item the following

Bivvy     20.00 euros

Bedchairs 20.00 euros

Fishing chair 15.00 euros                                                                  

3 x rods*        25.00 euros                                                                         

All items as a set      75 euros                                                            


* we have the following test curve rods available, 2.75, 3 and 3.5lb




Bait boat plus two sets of batteries - one angler                  70.00 euros


Bait boat plus three set of batteries - two anglers                90.00 euros *


We can recharge your own boat batteries, please see Paul or Debs, please note there is no charging point in the chalet.


The bait boats and any tackle must be returned to the chalet at the end of your week, in the same condition as provided, and the bait boats should be in a clean coondition and in working order.


*sharing one swim.




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