The Lake

Lac de lion is a spring fed 5 acre lake with depths of just under a metre at the inlet to 3 metres at the furthest corner of the dam wall and an average depth of 2 metres. With no snags, weeds, poisson chats or crayfish in the lake, the bottom  made up of sand, clay,stones and pockets of silt and the old stream bed running through the lake it makes for very easy fishing. 6 swims are available around the lake, all able to accommodate a large bivvy, and many of them your able to double up in if required, allowing you to fish the whole lake, The area around the lake is grass with trees and bushes around it making it a very tranquil place to fish, There are deer and boar in the surrounding woodland with frogs and kingfishers to keep you company at the lake side. The area around the island is netted off to allow any carp under 20lb to be removed from the main lake to grow on before being returned back to the lake, Carp cradles and weigh slings are supplied and must be used for all fish landed,please do not bring any carp cradles or weigh slings onto LAC DE LION.  All landing nets must be dipped BEFORE fishing, this is to ensure no infections from other lakes are transferred to our fish. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR LANDING NETS ARE AVAILABLE TO PLACE IN THE NET DIP BEFORE FISHING.      
OUR POLICY FOR 2021 IS THAT ALL FISH OVER 45lb ARE PHOTOGRAPHED IN THE WATER. WE ALSO ASK THAT THE FISH ARE OUT OF THE WATER FOR THE MINIMUM TIME POSSIBLE!!!                                                                                                                      


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