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What size is the lake?    Lac de lion is a 5 acres spring fed lake.


What is the bottom made up of?    It is sand, clay, stones and silt pockets.The old river bed runs through the lake.


How deep is the lake?    It is 2ft at the inlet to 12ft at the dam. The average depth is 8ft.


How many swims are there?    There are 9 swims, with 2 being doubles.


How far is the lake from Calais?    It is about 400 miles, about a 6 hour drive which is mainly motorway.


What accomodation is there at the lake?    There is a chalet with kitchen, bathroom and eating area but no bedrooms. There is a fridge with a small freezer compartment in the chalet.


What time are we allowed at the lake?    The arrival time is 1pm and depart by 10am. weeks are based saturday to saturday


What carp are in the lake?    We have mirrors to 57lb, commons to 41lb with plenty of 20lb, 30lb and 40lb carp. There are approx 180 carp in lac de lion. Catfish have been landed to 110lb.


Is it an easy water?    It is moderate to easy, anglers catch an average of 20 carp each in a week but many catch more than this.

only 1 angler has not landed a 40lb carp during there week with the lake record standing at 43x40lb"s.The record for 50lb+ carp landed in 1 week is 8.


Are boilies avaliable at the lake?    We sell boilies, pellets and particles (only pellets and particles sold at the lake can be used) a bait boat is avaliable to hire. Only freezer,semi preserved or air dried boilies are allowed to be thrown into the lake(small pots from a fishing shop for hook baits only are allowed)


What are the best methods at LAC DE LION?  Anglers that bait up with pellets,particles ground and broken boilies seem to do better from the start than anglers just relying on the pulling power of there boilies.The carp see lots of different makes of boilies so by feeding on pellets that they are familier with and eating bits of boilies it gets them feeling more confident on your hook baits during your week.                                                   


Do you do a food package?    This is available please see heading at top of page. we will be able to provide the option of breakfast or evening meal or both on a daily or occasional basis depending on your requirments,or have a sunday roast as a one off treat.

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