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We'll the new season 2018 has got off to cracking start with not one but 2 60lb fish out already. So we have a new lake record of 62.4lb.


31st March - 7th April 2018

The first group on the lake this year was John,Louis and Connor. They had an outstanding first week with no less than 6 50s out with the biggest 59.3lb.

7th April - 14th April 2018

The next group were Mark, Chris, John and Matt

The lads had a slower week but still managed 2 x 50s and a new lake record common at 42.5lb. All the lads improved their PCs and ended up with 14 carp.

14th April - 28thApril 2018

This week we have had two anglers from Wednesday 19th with another two anglers arriving on the 21st to make up the group.

Final tally for the week 26 carp including 5x50s, this was 3 lbs  and a new lake record at that time of 59.6lb. Well done in difficult conditions due to the smaller carp spawning for two days.

28th April - 5May 2018

This week we welcomed Glenn, Nathan, Andy and Craig

Final tally was 16 fish, including 2x50s up to 56lb 5x40 5x30 3 c 20 and only one under 20lb.

5th May - 12th May

This week we welcomed Terry, Paul,Sid and Gerald

Well the moment has come our very first 60lb carp landed by Terry at a magnificent 62.4lb.

May12th - 19th May

This week we welcomed Dave, Mark and Taylor.

despite the awful weather at the beginning of the week, they had a fantastic week with 35 carp and 3 cats.

1 x 60, 4 x 50s, 7 x 40s 8 x 30s 10 x 20s and 5 under 20lb.

May 19th - 26th May

this week we had Jason, Edwin Tommy and Darren

fishing has been a bit slower but still managed 15 carp including 2 x 50s.

May 26th -June 8th 

We are resting the lake to enable some essential maintenance.







Well 2017 has got off to a cracking start with the catfish record broken not once but three times. It now stands at a whopping 96lb. Also some lovely carp have been caught with the lake record now reaching almost 57lb, so we know that the 1st 60lber is out there, will it be you that catches it.Our lake boilies, with our own particle blend and pellets are doing especially well this year, we have stayed with cotton candy boilies which are a deep red colour, and also introduced a sweet coconut boilie which are brown in colour as well to mix things up a bit. we have managed to source some flavoured 9mm pellets (cotton candy and sweet coconut) to use in conjunction with our boilies for maximum impact, which will be available from August 2017 which i'm sure will do the business.


Week 29th April to 6th May 2017

Here's my report from w/e 6.5.17.
We were first customers on for the year so we had mixed hopes of what to expect although secretly we all thought we'd empty the place lol ! Paul and Debbie are really nice and helpful and go out of their way to make sure you enjoy your holiday. The lake itself is lovely and looks very fishy all over ! . We all got set up and 1 of the lads had a 56 in the first hour and I had a 48 not long after . About midnight on the Saturday it started raining with a very cold strong wind and it bounced it down for about 60 hours non stop ! This killed the fishing and made it very difficult. We needed the sun out to get the water temperature up to get them feeding but it wasn't until Thursday that it started to get warm .. We had the odd fish here and there but nothing like the lake can (and will) produce. That's fishing though and there's nothing we can do about that ! There was 5 of us on the lake and we had 16 fish in total .. 2x 50's 9x 40's 4x 20's and 1 double .. Still a cracking result with the amount of big fish we had in such bad conditions. 3 of us took the food package and let me say to those still to come--Leave your cooker at home as the food is fantastic and delivered to your swim so no fishing time is lost ?.. The only downside was the work (tree felling) that commenced on the far bank on the Thursday as it was bloody noisy but this was out of the owners control and will be over in a day or 2 ... All in all a good week with some cracking fish in great condition and there's some serious lumps in there. The main question is would we go back ? Yes we would and we look forward to it. Thanks to Paul and Debbie you were great hosts.

Week 6th -13th May

We welcomed Tommy, Scott, Chris and Hayden, here is what they had to say:

After what we all described as a perfect is our catch report from week ending 13/05/17..4x50s, 8x40s, 6x30s, 2x20s & 2 fish below 20lb that we put in the stock pond to grow. After watching the way the lake performed throughout the week; i sense that the fishing side of it will get stronger as the weeks come. Everyone on the trip beat their PB & you cannot ask for more than that. As I pointed out to Debbie and Paul before we left, the balance between fishing and a holiday is perfect as the chalet on the lake is very very nice and has more than everything you need & located close to the lake. The only downside for us was the travelling which was a long drive? But ask me if we are doing the same drive next year..yes. What a trip! & got to say Debbie & Paul are a lovely couple and fantastic hosts ensuring you don't want for anything which was great to see. Here are a few of our pictures from the week & again thanks Debbie & Paul for having us.

Week 13th to 20th May

This week saw Simon returning to the lake for the 2nd time, with his daughter Jamie. The fishing was very slow due to the fish spawning that week, but Simon went away more than happy having had not 1 but 2 50s, a 56lb mirror and a 54lb, he also managed a 46 and 44lb mirrors and a 12lb common.

Week 20th - 27th

This week we welcomed our first fly/fish party of Mick, Simon and Paul.They had a great time and a bumper 48 fish including a brace of 54's for Paul within the space of an hour. All the fish this week fell to our pellet and boilies. (See bait list for details)

Final numbers 2 x 50 6 x 40 11 x 30 11 x 20 16 under 20 and 2 cats

Week 27th - 3rd June

This week saw John G, Ashley, John and young Fin. This was a second time again for all but Fin. They had some cracking fish with Fin having a 40lb mirror, which he had to have a photo with in the cradle as couldn't lift himself.Ashley was very unlucky in being snapped off on what was thought to be a very large cat. 

Final numbers 35 fish 2 x 50 10 x 40 8 x 30 8 x 20 1x56lb catfish the rest under 20lb

Week 3rd -10th June

We welcomed back Garry and Dave for the fourth time. It was a mixed week with highs and lows, unfortunately Dave had car problems on the way down and ended up in a hire car which meant having to go out some days to arrange work to be done, but along with that was the fact that he also had a PB of 52.10mirror and a PB 18.7 grass carp off the surface on floating bread. 

Week 10th - 17th june

We welcomed John and John this week.  They had a cracking week, with John M having 2 50s amongst the 8 fish he caught and John T catching the NEW LAKE RECORD CATFISH!!!!!!!! at 90.14lb he also had a further 14 fish and just missed out on a 50lb, biggest being a creditable 49.10mirror

Week 17th - 24th

This week saw the return of Jason, Sean,Terry, Martin and newcomer Steve. It was a blistering week but though not so much for the fishing. Temperatures were well into the high 30s which made the fishing very slow and labourious. Still they managed 16 fish biggest 40.12 mirror, a nice 39lb common and including a couple of small cats. 

Week 24th June  - 1st July

Well its been a week of highs and lows, highs being a NEW LAKE RECORD catfish at 93.11lb, the lows being the wettest week so far this year, but that didn't deter Ian, Damian, Toby, John, Lloyd and Stuart. Not only did they have the catfish, but they also had 2 50s, 1 40, 4 30s, 13 20s and 9  11-19lb.

 So all in all not a bad week in horrendous conditions.

Well done lads!!!!

Week 1st July - 8th July

lWe have now said au revoir to Andy Matt and Danny, who had a great week with Danny setting the NEW LAKE RECORD for catfish at 96lb. They also had a further 33 fish including another cat at 49lb and a baby cat at 4lb. The final tally was 6 x 40 biggest 47lb 7 x 30s and a mixture of teens and twenties including a 17lb grass carp.

Week 8 - 15th July

This week we welcomed Harry, Andy,Dean,Neil and JJ

The lads on the platform and cutout got off to a cracking start with 2 massive 40s out the first night, and then the rest joined in with a haul of 47 carp and 6 cats for the week.They had a total weight of 1319.3lb of carp. Biggest carp a 49.04lb caught by Andy. Biggest cat was 56lb caught by Neil.

Week 15th - 22nd July

This week Richard and dad Kevin came, having got off to a slow start, things took off in a big way and they managed to catch 38 carp and 4 cats. This Richards comments: a tranquil lake in the south of france the lake is 5 acres in size with a lovely chalet and BBQ area beside it anybody looking at booking a trip to france should seriously take this lake into consideration with carp to 57lb surely to reach 60lb this year and catfish pushing the 100lb mark with lots of action to be had we caught over 40 fish between us in a week with carp to 51lb and catfish to 53lb we had 9x30lb fish 9x40lb fish 13x20lb fish 2x50lb fish a few doubles and 4 cats 2 of which were over 50lb be sure to visit

 Week 22nd - 29th

This week saw Pete, Wayne, Ricki and Keith

After a long drive the lads arrived late Saturday evening, and literally bivvied up and throw out some rods, which paid off for Wayne, who was woken early Sunday with a 51lb Mirror a new PB. Then Ricki went on to break his PB not once or twice but three times, 43lb, 48lb and 53lb Mirrors.

Final tally was 2 x 50 9 x 40 4 x 30 4 x <30 including a 18lb grass carp. They also had 3 cats biggest 50lb

Week 29th July - 5th August

Well what a week!!!!!

We welcomed back Louis, John and John's son Connor.

This week saw its fair share of drama, from a new lake record catfish weighing in at a massive 99.02lb caught during a huge thunderstorm that saw lightening all around the lake for many hours, to a Mirror of 52lb  to John, and young Connor catching a huge 48lb mirror. Not content with catching one catfish Louis went on to catch another 92.06 cat and a smaller 33lb cat.

Final Tally 35 carp including a 16.10lb grass carp as the final fish landed and 5 cats

Weeks 5th -25th August 

Nobody on lake due to cancellation, and illness

25th - 1st September

This week saw Graham, Leon, Lee and Stewart who had a challenging week due to extreme weather conditions, the temperature rising to 46 degrees one day and making the fishing differcult. But they still came away with a cracking result of 5 x 50s biggest 51.8lb, 3 x 40s 8 x 30s, 4 x 20s including a ghost koi at 23lb, 2 under 20 and 3 small catfish. They were using the lake boilies and pellets which have done the business.

Week 2nd - 9th September

Nobody on the lake

Week 9th - 16th September                                                                                                                                                                  Wow it's been a crazy week for Mark, Gary and Paul. Final tally is 39 carp 8 x 50s 15 x 40s 7 x 30s and 9 under 30 including a 19lb grass carp. 
Biggest carp 56lb mirror but they also had a lovely 40lb common. 
So a brilliant week by all accounts

Week 16th - 23rd September

This week saw the return of Daran, Stuart along with John and Kevin

They had a total of 14 fish including 3 x 50 biggest 55lb, 3 x 40 3 x 30 5 x 20

Week 23rd - 30th September

This week we welcomed Gary and Paul

They had a brilliant week 33 fish including 4 x 50 biggest 6 x 40 6 x 30 9 x 20 5 teens and one under 10lb, they also had 2 cats at 57lb and 60lb

Week 30th sepember -7th October

This week saw the return of Tracy, Kevan and Guy, who set out to break some records and managed 3 out of 4

Tracy NEW LADIES LAKE RECORD 53.10lb Mirror

Kevan NEW LAKE RECORD 57.2lb Mirror and 41lb LAKE RECORD Common

Sadly they missed out on the Lake record for Catfish but will be back next year to try for that and improve on this years.

They had 29 fish in total including another 2 x 50












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