Lac de lion was stocked in 2004 with over 120 carp from a well known fish farmer to increase the stock of mirrors and commons that were in the lake when it was bought in 2003. The average weight of carp caught in 2016 was 34lb with only 1 anglers not landing a 40lb plus carp since 2013 and the lake record standing at 43x40lb plus carp for 1 group.There are approximately 180 carp to be caught at LAC DE LION and with 5 angling partys landing 50's to 56lb and in the best week landing 8 in 1 week Lac de lion is the lake to catch the carp of your dreams..

LAC DE LION has approximatly 180 carp in 5 acres of water (2 hectres).

With 5x50lb carp landed at LAC DE LION to 55lb in 2015 and 15 in 2016 to 56lb,plenty of 20,30,40lb mirrors and commons to 41lb  there are lots of carp to make your week at Lac de lion a trip to remember. With a growth rate of 10% per year due to our feeding program.

May 2018 saw our first 60 out at 62lb 4oz. This was followed by two more that year. While 2019 saw 660s out with the current lake of 63.5lb. 



Lac de lion is a moderate to easy carp lake with each angler landing an average of 20 carp in a week but many more landing 30 during there weeks holiday. No one fishing at Lac de lion has failed to catch a carp, with a party of 3 anglers landing 85 carp in their week, 11 of them 40lb+  biggest 48lb during the heat wave in July 2015, when anglers on other lakes were blanking.The lake records for fish landed in 2016 is 56lb mirror, 88lb catfish and 41lb common but with anglers losing fish due to there hard fighting abilitys we think there are a few surprises still to come from LAC DE LION.

Catfish to 88lb, Koi to 26lb and grass carp to 20lb have been landed at Lac de lion with anglers catching carp off the surface on hot days,the surface record being a whopping 47lb and with 8 carp caught off the surface in one afternoon in 2014 on dog biscuits it is an amazing lake to fish.

We have netted off around the island to allow us to take any carp under 20lb (from previous spawnings) so we can feed them to increase their weight,before returning them to the main lake for you to catch.

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